Can you say anything positive about Styx?

In particular, musically?

Meaning, even if you don't like their songs, could you reluctantly admit that they had a good musician or two?

Just curious.

Thanks. Phone Post 3.0

Mr. Roboto is an all time classic


They're better than listening to your wife getting fucked by Jamal in the next room. Phone Post 3.0

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The river or the band? Charon is one bad ass ferry man. As for the band, Renegade is a bad ass tune, Kilroy Was Here was a great album, and at least they are not REO Speedwagon.

They aren't Tesla?

sorry, i've got too much time on my hands

"Babe" takes me back to a simpler time.

Renegade and come sail away are good songs IMO Phone Post 3.0


they were musically talented

far more so than the top mtv artists today

They were white. Phone Post 3.0

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When I was a kid Blue Collar Man and Renegade were two of my favorite songs.

Renegade is epic Phone Post 3.0

It's probably not their fault they're the favorite band of the biggest douche I ever worked with.

Thank you?

One of the greatest bands ever

mr robbotto mother fucker

Blue Collar Man
Too much time on my hands and Snowblind were a few of my favorites.

I bought Paradise Theater record when it came out and it had images and shit laser engraved into the vinyl. Phone Post 3.0

the best i got is... my girlfriend's mom is a super nice lady... and she listened/listens to a lot of styx.

Good group Phone Post 3.0

ChristopherMoltisanti - Renegade is epic Phone Post 3.0