Can you say anything positive about Styx?

They were a great stadium band, and their Rock Opera approach to album making was different.

And Dennis Deyoung (lead singer) had an insanely strong voice.

He’s probably 75 years old now but can still sing:

ha, just came here to post that dennis deyoung video from last year. fantastic performance, great song, super impressive that he can still sing so strongly at his age. if you don’t like it you are wrong about this and probably most things

Phenomenal drummer

I won tix to a concert of theirs c. ‘04 or thereabout. It was at a theme park. Won the backstage pass/meet & greet, called the radio station and told them to redraw, didn’t give a shit about meeting them. Ended up after afternoon at park riding the rides and such being hungry and having a 90 mile drive home deciding to leave before they even played.

I liked the early, rock version of Styx with great vocal harmonies. I did not like the Dennis DeYoung-centered later version of Styx. He always seemed like he would have been more at home in a Broadway production. Great voice, great song writer, but I think it was the other members of the band that kept his theatrical proclivities in check.

Without a doubt.

I’d say they barely kept his Broadway visions in check.

Their tours were massive productions…

lost track of how many times i saw styx back in the day. this sent me down a rabbit hole, and found this, cool as shit.

side note- Daryl Hall-Live from Daryl’s house put’s out some incredible music.

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