Can you see "Magic Eye" images?

What method of deciphering to you use? I cross my eyes, the slowly Uncross them as I look at the image. It's important to never totally focus on one spot.

I always loved these books. Such a strange phenomenon that I could never figure out how it works.

I feel bad for my 5 year old boy. I keep getting him more of these books when I find them at thrift stores. He gets so frustrated, but keeps on trying. I wish that I could explain it to him effectively. I figure he will just get it one day. Phone Post 3.0

It's a schooner Phone Post 3.0

Stupid facks, it's a beer glass. Phone Post 3.0

I have one eye and I can see them. I remember the sensation was completely different when I had two eye. I can see them now but it isn't the same as before. Phone Post 3.0

OP: I love the juxtaposition of your screen name and the subject matter here. Bravo.

That said, isn't it a bit sadistic to keep buying your kid books he can't "get"?

"Here's another book with pictures you can't see, son. What a shame. This is a particularly good one, not that it matters to you. By the way, supper's in ten minutes: we're having all the foods you're allergic to." Phone Post 3.0

^Hah! The way you describe it would be sadistic. I have an entire library for my son, though. He looks forward to me reading a wide variety of books to him. There are about a half dozen magic eye books. So, not as sadistic as you think. Also, I couldn't do them when I was 5 and I tell him that. Phone Post 3.0

Thread needs Seinfeld gifs Phone Post 3.0

You're really missing out if you can't see them! Phone Post 3.0

I have never ever been able to do them. I'm color blind though (red-green deficiency) and suck at the Ishihara test. Not sure if the two are correlated.

I've never been able to get them to work either. Phone Post 3.0

I can see them instantly. I could see the books ones before i even turned the page completely

I use the tactic of looking through them. Just focus past the image and it'll instantly appear Phone Post 3.0