Can you tell if sent email read?

So I sent a friendly email to a cousin I had a falling out with years ago.

Been a day and he hasn't mailed back yet.

Seems like he's the type to shake an extended hand, but who knows, maybe he isn't, maybe it got lost in email spam in his account.

It would be nice to know if he's being a prick or not, any way to tell if a email has been read by the reciever?

it's been only a day, dude.

not everyone checks email regularly

a day is nothing

The short answer is no.

the long answer is - yes, if you are both AOL user, or you embed a picture from a server you get usage stats from that isn't linked into the web, in HTML email

run a web server and send him an email embedded with a 1 pixel pic
requested from your server, and you can tell when he opens it.

shit... just read the second part of RoR post and posted the same thing.

Damn. Beat me to it.

That's really not very reliable. Thunderbird and Outlook both have embedded pictures turned off by default.

"That's really not very reliable. Thunderbird and Outlook both have embedded pictures turned off by default."

I knew about T-bird, but I thought Outlook still did that, and more people use Outlook.

It might just be a SP2 thing, I dunno.

Well, if you want reliable, attach an undetectable Trojan'ed downloader, to load a reverse-connecting, encrypted RAT and you'll know when he's online. Hell, you can even turn up his speakers and yell at him for being a grudge-holding pussy.

"attach an undetectable Trojan'ed downloader"

do you run attachments from people you hate?

I don't think many people do that, but human stupidity is nearly infinite.

Break into his house and steal his computer, IMO.

Return reciept requested.

Thanx guys,

Finally heard back from him all is good!

So basically I would have had to send something with the email, it was to late once I sent the mail without the proper attachment.

Spoof email address, say, from a mutual friend.