Canada BANS Handgun Imports into country

This is also why he said he didn’t boot Fauci from the WH task force.

A president who refuses to make hard (but right) decisions out of fear of backlash from the media and opposition party is not a good leader.

When he decided that they went too far, Trudeau had the trucker protest shut down in what, 2 days?

If I hadnt Lost all my guns in an unfortunate boating accident id probably need some new Glock mags in a couple years.


Till then ill just have to Kamahawk mf’rs who step to me.

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It went on for weeks.

He decided they went too far the moment they stood up to him. He ran away like a little fuckin coward, shitting his pants in fear, like he always does. Tried to invoke the emergencies act for a peaceful protest (which the senate shot down because the liberals didn’t want to release their “top secret documents” which “justified” this).

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You don’t understand.

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To be fair, I don’t even know anybody up here that owns a handgun. I know a lot has changed in Toronto since I lived there 25 years ago, but I still don’t know anyone of my friends or large family that own a handgun. There are certain areas where it would certainly be a good idea to have one, but for the most part, self defense and the need for a gun isn’t something that weighs on most of our minds daily, as it does in the US.

I’m not downplaying the need for protection, especially throughout much of the US. I’m only stating what I see and know from where I stand. It’s not as big of a thing up here as some want to make it out to be.

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So when marshalls arrive to illegally arrest you for laughing at a tranny joke online, you’re going to fool them by telling them your guns are at the bottom of the ocean. They’ll still arrest and kill you, but hey, they didnt get your guns.

What does this have to do with anything? You can’t legally own a gun in Canada for self defence, so it’s not even in the argument. It’s about law abiding gun owners (one of the most vetted and law abiding demographics in Canada) having their property forcibly confiscated by the government based on the false premise that it will stop criminals from shooting each other. People aren’t upset because the government is taking away a self defense implement, it’s because the government is taking their fucking property.


He also caused a bank run and irreparably damaged the Canadian banking industry. He shocked leaders on the world stage with his authoritarianism and ensured the world that Canada is not a smart place to invest. Hes a complete fucking potato who wasn’t aware of the ramifications of his actions …because hes a failed drama teacher that is “acting” as a PM


I am willing to bet you do know people who own handguns. They just don’t talk about it.

It is illegal to own a handgun (or any weapon) for self defence in Canada.

It’s not a big deal to you and that’s great but more government intrusion into our lives is a big deal to a lot of Canadians. Especially when it’s useless and frivolous.


Send them down to Texas!
The market is over priced right now.
And if i see one more M&P shield for sale…

Apparently, YOU don’t understand. Have fun trying buying a Glock 17 for $3k, while supplies last.

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Could a Canadian company make handguns?

Can a Canadian buy parts to make one?

What about making their own parts

I have zero clue about our laws sometimes

Gun traffickers lobbiests efforts have paid off!


More virtue signaling. It never ends. Trudeau gives tough on guns speeches then the next day reduces sentences for illegal gun possession and smuggling. The previous Conservative government enacted legislation of 1 year minimum for gun smuggling and 1 year minimum for the Second (not first) time caught with an illegal gun. The Liberals took away the mandatory minimums due to “systemic racism” in the justice system.

You can’t make this crap up. Gun crime is rising in Canada, they know it is not due to legal owners. So what do they do, they further restrict legal ownership and lighten the sentences for the people responsible. Pisses me off and I don’t even own a gun (have a license though so maybe I should rush out and buy one?)


Good luck finding one. the potato in charge had them sold out everywhere with rumors of this new law . By restricting sales he inadvertently put thousands of more guns in law-abiding Canadians hands ( good for me, but once again shows how stupid he is). The opposite of what he wanted to do…because he’s a potato.


That’s why they’re doing this. The minister of foreign affairs said it’s to prevent re-stocking of shelves.

They created a run on handguns with the proposed legislation and now they’re trying to stick their finger in the dam.


I’ll admit, I didn’t read the article so I have no idea what you’re talking about with the confiscating of property. The headline and thread title said Canada was banning imports, which is entirely different than what you are alluding to with property being confiscated by the government. My post was simply to state that really nobody I know is sweating the possibility that the importing of handguns may be banned. Clearly, there was a lot more being discussed in that article than the thread title implied, based on your post.

Well I was going to put my uncle in brackets, but his handgun is owned for nefarious reasons and I didn’t want to open that can of worms.

I was commenting on the thread title, in which Canada may ban the importation of handguns into the country. For that, I don’t really know anybody who is going to voice two fucks. However, if the article above (which I did not read) implies the confiscation of property from Canadians then that’s an entirely different conversation than the one I was half assedly having in my initial post. I was lazy posting based on the thread title and a flash glance at the OP post. Importation, who cares. Confiscation, plenty of cares.