Canada BANS Handgun Imports into country

no, my friends who live there experienced everything. they don’t need news to dictate their lives. in fact, why would they even need to listen to the cbc when the protesters were right there? you aren’t making a lot of sense imo.

congrats for living in ottawa. were you there during protest?

You are telling me your friends witnessed Thefts? And assaults? And businesses being harassed? You would think they would have taken a video or something as proof, I mean the CBC would have aired it non-stop. As soon as there was an injunction in place against honking, did the horns stop?

I think you aren’t making sense and that your “friends” are full of CBC shit. My friends were down there playing road hockey…must have been super dangerous and violent, I mean hockey can get a bit rough

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mind blowing, a nation that’s had guns for hundreds of years gets neutered like this.

Trudea is a despot. Either the Canadian electorate are fully propagandized or the elections aren’t real. It’s going to be UGLY what’s coming to them.

Remember how Australia set up more or less concentration camps because they are disarmed? In the next “WORLD CRISIS” Canada will do the same thing. It’s going to be very sad, and have lasting implications.