Canada Cold as Sh**t

tell me how cold it is in your city

vancouver was -10 and i heard kamloops was -27. wtf

It was -31 where I work yesterday morning (just outside Vernon). Couldnt feel my hands after a while.


On monday it was -45 here in Sask with wind chill.

Heard on the news 5 deaths have been blamed on this cold spell. 1 in BC and 4 in Manitoba.

All the more reason not to live in Saskatchewan.LOL

-45? good fukin lord no wonder we have a small pop in canada. no where to live

Keep using your aerosol products. We'll take down this ozone layer soon enough and let more of that heat through. The guys at the equator have had it good, its Canada's time now! :)

I'm wearing a bathing suit and rolling in snowbanks as we speak.

lol at AlexC

HATRED...much, much hatred for wind chill factor.

What was it today, something like -25 with the
windchill in TO? Ya, something like that. Thanks.
No problem guy, anytime. Just ask.

got asked to go Ice fishing on Saturday high of -19 and a low of -26... think I will be doing something else

Wind chill sucks!

For 2 days last week in Winnipeg we got -49 and -47 with the WChill.

so all you people outside of Saskatchewan and Manitoba, quit your whining. we got it worse.

isn't winnipeg the windiest city in the world?

@#*% this I'm going back to Rio.

Its colder than a witch's teet!

Rio de Janeiro is nice...Sta Catarina is nice...Porto Alegre is hot, but nice...TTT for you guys who freeze you asses every winter, specially for those who choice to move to Canada, Europe and North of USA!!! You are CRAZY!!!

I love Canada, but my last winter (Feb 2003) was unforgetable!!! It was too much!

I'll be back in March-April this year, and I feel better with that dates. I love Canada! But Brazil...

Actualy, the reason that brought me to Canada was the fact of Mr. Bob McRoberts always run from the weather in Winnipeg and spend the whole winter in Rio de Janeiro. One day he showed up at my academy, red like a lobster and after feel months I was freezing in Winnipeg.

13 trips after I still loving to go back to Canada, my second home...but I'm with my surf short with the airconditioner on! Sorry, Rodrigo, Marcus Soares, Wagney, Esfiha, Joao Vasconcelos...

i'm in london ontario, and though it's not very cold there is a blanket of white powdery turds covering everything in sight.

i just lost a judo match by footsweep to a snow covered top stair. i also lost the joint i was holding in my hand. life is hard here in the north.

-31 in Toronto right now...with wind chill...winter sucks!

It's -28 in Hamilton tonight with the wind chill so off I go to my hot tub 103 degrees I love it.