Canada Emergencies Act Vote Tonight

So tonight at 8 pm we find out if we become an official dictatorship.

If this gets passed, they will make certain measures permanent. Specifically, political dissent is now punishable to the point of having your finances wiped out.

We may become a true authoritarian country tonight. And if so, there’s no way to trust we’ll ever be a truly free nation again.

My guess is Emperor Trudeau gets his power.


The NDP and Liberals join forces to help destroy this country further, they get their way here tonight.


The King in the North!



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They keep talking about not knowing whether its a “matter of confidence” or not, what is happening here?

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That sort of depressing to hear how easily a free country is going authoritarian over some virus that only kills people on their way to the grave. Thought the western governments were more resilient than that.


Trudeau with a masterclass in leadership

The virus is Progressive Liberals and they’ve been around long before this crappy virus they just saw their chance and took it.

And conservatives cucked the whole way until it’s too late.


Would be great if someone could weigh in with some expertise on Parliamentary procedure.

I may be wrong but from what i gather, Trudeau is essentually bullying MPs into treating it like a confidence vote even though its not…so it may be just a whip vote?

Jagmeet already said they are in, right, so it’s a done deal?

Bend over, peasants:


Toronto Liberal MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith gave me some hope that theres an outside chance this wont pass. Even he is against it.

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All this will do is prove that the SKS is still a viable insurgency tool.


The conservatives were complete bitches until it’s much too late. Sheer, O’Toole as leaders? Yet they kick out Derek Sloan? What a joke party.

The conservatives dropped the ball, they fucked this country just as much by letting the progressive left rape it.


Please keep us updated, OP.


Why are you convinced anything is permanent? Pretty certain anything done under the act has a sunset that needs to be renewed. You think it will be renewed in perpetuity?

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Think it’s 30 days


For those interested.

Transparency and accountability

In view of its exceptional nature, there are additional, stringent safeguards built into the Act to ensure democratic oversight and accountability during an emergency. The following procedural steps act as checks and balances under the law:

  • Declaration : The Government of Canada must formally declare an emergency, effective from the day it is made.
  • Government tables motion in Parliament : The Government must table a motion in both the House of Commons and the Senate within seven sitting days that asks for confirmation of the Declaration and explains the reasons for it. The Government also gives Parliament a report on the consultations held with provinces before the Declaration was made.
  • Parliament votes : Both the House of Commons and the Senate must vote on the motion. If either the House of Commons or the Senate does not vote in favour of the Declaration, then it is revoked that very day.
  • The Senate or House of Commons are recalled, if necessary : If either the Senate or the House of Commons is not sitting at the time the Declaration is issued, it must be recalled to sit within seven days of the date of the Declaration.
  • Government issues and tables orders and regulations : Any Government actions taken to respond to the emergency must be tabled in both the House of Commons and the Senate two days after the Government issues the orders or regulations. This ensures that the Government’s actions are transparent and that the Government will be accountable before Parliament for its actions.
  • A parliamentary review committee is established : A special joint committee of both the House of Commons and the Senate must be established to review the Government’s actions under the Act on an ongoing basis.
  • Parliament exercises powers : At any time, the Senate or the House of Commons can review and potentially revoke the Declaration and any orders or regulations made under the Act.
  • Declaration expires or is extended : The Declaration expires after 30 days unless an extension is confirmed within specific timelines by both the House of Commons and the Senate.
  • An inquiry held : After the emergency has ended, the Emergencies Act requires the Government to hold an inquiry, and table a report to each House of Parliament within three hundred and sixty days after expiration or revocation of the declaration of emergency.

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It’s 30 days.

If there are still nationwide protests at that time, what do you think Trudeau does?


Freeland has already said she wants to make some of it permanent.