Canada Emergencies Act Vote Tonight

What a lunatic.

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Not XL bro I’ll be contacting you when I’m ready, I just got to get this new PC and monitor first.

Why are you even here? I can only imagine how miserable you are in real life. You are a sad, sad loser. I’m not saying that an insult, just as an observation.


Yes this is a totally normal parliamentary vote after all,.no power grabs involved or anything right?

You’re a stunned cunt.


It’s so bad I don’t know who’s neck to fuck first, Trudy Blackface or this jagoffs?

This is an existential query you are making?

Reagan would have chopped their heads off with his wrinkled hands. Let’s get real.

The fuck are you guys consuming?

Whats even more funny (but not really), is Freeland already said they are trying to make some of the powers permanent. The fruitloop liberals will just bury their heads in the sand and say its for the greater good. Fuckin tards.


Government is their God, they are such destructive people but wait, this is progress!!

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The more shit like this I see, the more I wonder I question if governments are just reacting naturally to Covid or if this shit was planned in advance like 9/11 was


Camp America, Kitty Werthmann speech, Howard Lake, MN. - YouTube

Liberals wet dream. Free health insurance, equal rights amendment and no personal ownership of guns.

This is the first i have heard anyone equate honk honk to heil hitler. Is that something 4chan conjured like the OK symbol?


The freezing of bank accounts in the manner it’s being done serves no purpose but punishment. There is no timeline or appeals process. There is no chance to prostrate yourself in front of the state so you might have your property and money back. Nothing. Just suffering. No more food, no more house, no more fuel, no more heat in the middle of Canadian winter because you maybe gave money to a convoy to the Capitol before it was ever an “occupation.”


Watching Tucker tonight about made me sick. Canada is completely fucked. Your police force is now officially Brown Shirts working for a political party. What makes it even worse is that the US is not far behind.

This is in a large part due to the media. Leftists have gotten to a point of control where they can literally enact the fascism they rail against. It is incredible.


So the Canadian Government went full communist?

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Its been this way for a while. The_Pundit is a fucking idiot


This one rails against the media, informed by, uh, the most popular MSM propagandist in the U.S… to weigh-in on, uh, Canada!


A single mother who doesn’t have much as it is, managed to scrape up 50 bucks out of the kindness of her heart to donate and now has her account frozen.

A single mother who has children now has her bank account frozen, are you really this much of an inconsiderate sack of shit or you just trolling around like the evil lib/emoney/spjackson?

You twat.



“Crazy Americans and their guns”