Canada Emergencies Act Vote Tonight

I can’t imagine Canadian broads do well on OnlyFans, but maybe she’s proper thick and can make that 50 rubles back?

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Truck: “honk honk”

Her: “Did that truck literally just say heil Hitler?”


Dang I wasn’t aware of you until now, you’re another one to add on the fucktard list.


@Bilge_Water The answer lies here


he spent years here shilling for the dnc

he disappeared in disgrace for a time while the heat died down but he comes back every once in awhile to check in


What is this… some sort of Canadian autocracy?

Don’t y’all be using these intellimigent words around here punk…

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I think it’s nerds reacting to covid. These are the people who were nerds in high school and now they hold positions of power. They panic under pressure and react like women. The masks, restrictions, fear of germs. It’s all nerdy behaviour. We have a bunch of geeks in charge. That’s the problem. I don’t think much of it was planned.


Let’s not forget the public humiliation of a 3,000 post thread dedicated to dick tucking after running around typing like a tough guy. All of that because of me because I got him triggered so he started running his mouth and then he got exposed for being a coward.


So after granting themselves supreme power over the serfdom, what is the govt next move?

There are going to be protests due to this ruling, so they start putting people in gulags? Will someone who’s been “canceled” die in the next week?

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PSL cucked 100% to Sennin… he’s a bitch!


Take a Canadian’s side over a pure-blooded, Appalachian American and our keyboards get replaced with daggers, Cuck.


Is that your Pez dispenser?


The best part of it for me is I know I caused it. I got him so mad the day before it happened that he told me he wanted to dig up my dead dad to tell him his son is a fat faggot. He then blocked me an hour later after frustrating him more and refusing to answer why he lets a guy he calls stupid manipulate his emotions so easily. He didn’t like it one bit. The rest is OG lure forever with his dick tuck.


We have Russia completely fucking crushing the information war right here at home for the last six years…

Hammering the final nail in democracy and international order…

& you have the balls to sit here worried about some piece of shit Canadian parliament action re: some shithead truckers who would have been scalped and moved the fuck out of the way in the name of the economy under our great Raygun?


Tucker is covering this bullshit?

This isn’t worth a local Sinclair newscast in the U.S. of A.

Y’all realize that the good Canadians (the one’s minus the mental illness of progressive liberalism) are on your side aka the wright side of history?

Best part is he is back to pretending to ignore me again so he will just pretend he didn’t read it.

Season 3 Lol GIF by The Simpsons


Stop. You are attempting to sit at a table that Canada never has and never will be invited to.

You will watch the fucking Maple Leafs, pound some shitty beer, and fuck your bottom of the barrel women before Ol’ Glory takes a page from Russia and makes you bitches part of our expansion league.

That’s what he uses to fuck his own ass…