Canada Emergencies Act Vote Tonight

American wingnuts: WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?

You should not give a flying fuck about Canadian government!

We — collectively… democrat, republican, man, woman, xe and they or whatever the fuck — should be SUBJUGATING CANADIANS TO OUR RULE. They are the obvious target. They’re like a gigantic Ukraine, just sitting there, but limp and pathetic. Ready for the taking!

You’re over here ready to jerk off some propagandists who make an issue about some brain-dead truckers a rallying cry for wingnuttery. It is NOT REAL. It is NO MATTER.


“You’re welcome to come here comrade! We need more hard working conservatives! Guffaw!”

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Refer to my Poland in 1939 post…

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Canadian here…so yes, this is a confidence vote and a whip vote…Trudeau does not have the votes within his own party to get this done so the NDP are supporting giving authoritarian powers to Trudeau…this is a confidence vote because if this Emerg Act policy fails in the House, it will trigger our second election in 4 months. Parliament would be dissolved and back to the polls.
This is most definitely not a free vote. Every MP must vote with the party to ensure they have enough votes to pass this - and they have…

I’ll refer you to a fucking poutine filled dumpster, you muppet.

Stopped reading after, “… Canadian here…”.

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Reagan wouldn’t have supported vaccine mandates in the first place you retard

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Reagan would smack you fucking resentment-filled, overly-propagandized babies.

Shut up.

It looks to me like he is already getting it done. People are in jail and bank accounts have been frozen based on a peaceful protest. He is punishing political dissidents.

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who knows? none of that would surprise me

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Not sure what that means cuck… found a gif of you when you were young though:


America is Canada’s biggest trading partner. It does matter, and i can assure you no one is gonna invest in Canada when things are so unstable. Foreign investment will wait and see.

Canada better get their truckers in line before we take them the fuck over imo. They have a smaller economy than California. & I’ve got 70 million retards with dusty AR-15s ready to make America great again.

what happened the last time that was tried?

If you idiots didn’t have brain-dead, fallacious comparisons to Nazi Germany…

What would you have?

Poutine, shitty beer, and a selection of women with a 3 ceiling I guess.

This the type of shit only done by facist regimes in Orwellian stories or v for vendetta like oppression.

*Autocorrect changed facist to racist


Could be.

This would exemplify the hard times make strong men, easy times make weak men or whatever the quote is

No churchills or real men in charge.

Trudeau is a little faggot. Faggots are viscous hateful people.


the mps in bc were by far the most stupid cunty

Do I respond to a completely irrational carnival barker?

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It seems he’s short circuiting…