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The Association of Grappling Competitors is proud to announce the second, and final event of the 2006 season, October Smash, which will be held on October 14th in Sudbury MA at the Lincoln-Sudbury regional high school. The tournament will feature the following:

-Over 45 divisions -Four fight guarantee, see AGC staff for details -10 rings -Over 35 staff members -Absolute tournament with 500.00 cash prize -Brand new facility -Certified referees -Team awards -A pre-registration team discount, as well as other team benefits -Out of state discount and complimentary lodging. Case by case basis see AGC staff for details -Free t-shirts for pre registered fighters

Our last tournament was nothing short of a success as we were able to finish the whole event before 5:00 pm without canceling or overlapping any divisions, and maximizing fight time for everyone. We look forward to seeing you there and good luck.

Regards, Jason Hammel President of the Association of Grappling Competitors

canada grapplers may qualify for free housing.
please email us.

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