Canada World Junior Team!!!

I can't believe no one has posted on this but my God what a TEAM. Jeff Carter is going to be a killer in the NHL. It was nice to see those commies cry!!!

I posted about this last night on the NHL Forum (It's not being used)


Best Junior team ever.

Dion Phaneuf is the man. Calgary's defence core is going to be something to behold. When they showed the clip of him skating with Ovechkin, after a whistle, my friends and I roared.

He skated next to Ovechkin and just stared at him, not saying a single word. They got all the way to the benches when Ovechkin snapped. Pheneuf didn't even blink. It was incredible to see Scott Steven's reborn again.

I'm hoping Carter doesn't sign with Philly and goes back into the draft.

JHR you are correct. It was the best team ever.

Man nothing better drink a cold Moosehead and watching Europeans bounce off the ice from the body checks and lay their like they have been shot with a 30-30.

When was the last time Canada lost a major hockey event? The country has really stepped it up in the last couple years... a lot of it has to do with Gretzky's involvement.

While JT McCarthy converted me from liking anything Pierre McQuire has to say, I will give him props for one thing for sure.

As the Russians begin taking liberties with the Canadian players, McQuire mentioned how the American players really wanted the Canadians to beat the Russians. As the Russians continued hacking away, he stated they better stop or they'll be going home without any teeth.

His comment about the Russians diving was great: 'They go down quicker than free beer at a frat party.'

Last Week. Spengler cup.

World Cup - check

World Championship - check

World Juniors - check

Whats next?


no wait, wrong sport. My bad, my bad :(

"spengler is not major"

Tell that to the struggling 6th line former nhl players.

It's like the stanley cup of beer leagues.

"It's like the stanely cup of beer leagues."

JHR knows beer leagues....he's always there collecting the empties!! Happy New Year JHR!!

I do !!

Happy new year to you Nathan !

Anyone notice how Crosby's play shifted from the scoring star in the first few games, to the play maker during the last few??

I noticed a difference after the game where he got limited ice time, I believe it was the last round robin game.

I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays, I haven't posted in a while but I'm always lurking.