Canada's going 2 for 2 at UFC 48

Canada's going 2 for 2 at UFC 48.

Ivan Menjivar is arguably the best kept secret in all of North America. A lot of Americans have never seen him fight and so they will pick Serra. Serra is a tough cookie, but Menjivar I believe has the skills to be the best 145 fighter in the world, unfortunetly he hasn't been able to go over to Japan and fight the Shooto 145lbers to see if I'm right. The only thing that concerns me is that the fight is at 155. Menjivar normally fights at 145. Although Menjivar has fought as high as 170 before. I'm saying menjivar via TKO via strikes late in round 2.

Georges St. Pierre will move to 2-0 in the UFC, after dismantling Jay Hieron. Georges is proabbly the 2nd strongest WW in the world (behind Hughes) and is freakishly big. His wrestling will also be able to control any ground stuff Hieron trys to pull. I saw a clip of Hieron's first ROC fight and if that's his best, St. Pierre will have no problems. St. Pierre via Ground N' Pound Stoppage midway through the 1sr round.

Although he wont be fighting at UFC 48, Bryan Adams is another great Canadian.

Thanks RKing85. Ivan is focused and ready for this fight. Please visit Ivan's website at Also we are in the process of having Ivan Menjivar t-shirts made up. They are going to look great.

I agree :)

What scares me about Jay Hieron is that he might be able to get Georges out of his game plan. Georges by RNC anyway!

"Sacre Bleu! Where's-a me Mama?!?!"

I think Serra is going to be too big for Ivan. Serra
by JD though control