canadian club whiskey at 15 bucks a bottle!

winn dixie on sale for 18.99 a bottle


3 dollar off coupon per bottle


10 % off if you buy 4 bottles

like 60 bucks and change for 4 bottles

score ole shooter!</p>

You're welcome

thats not even a good deal, CC is crap and you can find it for damn near that price canadian tire dollars. a 3 dollar 40oz lager, now thats a bargain that makes one jealous

Pay about $40 a bottle here in aus Phone Post 3.0

Thomas H Handy for the win. CC is the bottom of the barrel.

It's the first alcohol I ever had at 12, fond memories. Can't stand Whisky now. Phone Post 3.0

Sipping on some VO. How's that compare to CC? Phone Post 3.0

cc is not bad

this thread brought me back to the taste of Canadian club mixed with Chinese food coming back up as I vomit violently Phone Post 3.0