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If you want to read what's up on the current MMA scene in Canada, I highly recommend reading this article. One of the best reads in a long, long time. Kudo's to Arnold.

I for one hope that people reach into their pockets to support the new promotions in town. Not only for the usual 'support the sport' reasons, but because by giving fighters in Canada a viable alternative to TKO, everyone benefits, even TKO.

This is not a crack on TKO in any way, which is the biggest game in Canada today. But, to draw an analogy that will most likely get me flamed, look at what happened when WCW suddenly reared its head and took on the then WWF. Both promotions had to up their production values, crank out (arguably) better storylines, become more attractive to the talent, etc. This was directly responsible for the enormous wave of popularity (and profitability) enjoyed by wrestling in the late 90's.

By supporting new shows like APEX and thereby giving fighters other options as to where to fights and gain the spotlight, the fans put pressure on TKO to put on better shows with better fighters while at the same time giving fighters a little much needed leverage in terms of contracts.

Clean competition in this arena can only help all the players.

Good luck to all the new promotions. Oh, and sign Brent Beauparlant.



Here,'s not about APEX, TKO, MFC. It's about the sport.

If my options were smoother, I'd be at every TKO, MFC, WFF, etc event imagineable. MMA and the fighters is what I care about, not about the politics. Two warriors in a human combat chess match. Who's smarter, who's slicker and who has the will to win?

Not the other crap...

It is a great read. I was going to make a thread about this article yesterday. Great piece

Can't agrue with that.

Arnold's one of the best.

With help from organizations like MMARINGREPORT and people like Arnold Lim our sport in Canada will surely continue to grow and prosper.

Thanks for the support Arnold!!

Bill Mahood

Arnold's definitely the authority on Canadian MMA news.

props to you sushi boy