Who do you think did enough this year to be CANADA s fighter of the year?


"The Crow" forsure!

good thread.. my top 3 for their work in 2003 alone:

1) Denis Kang
2) Joe Doerksen
3) David Loiseau


I think the CROW did enough by beating Tony Fryklund (1RST round tko) and MARK WEIR (UFC debut,1rst round KO)

Chad is definitely correct

David 'the Crow' Loiseau by far this years best Canadian fighter.....

Team Tompkins

Crow, Kang, Doerksen, Mahood and Menjivar

Lets look at things from this standpoint, number of fights, on how many cards and where, fighters fight and theirfore should be recognized for doing just that theirfore this is my top fighters of the year for 2003 and why,

Denis Kang faught 7x on 6 cards around the "world" and in Russia for a draw with a record of 5-1-1 , ranked #10 ADCC ,FUCKING AWESOME,Utah,Van,Boston,Hawaii,Montreal,Russia, knocked Keith Rockell "the fuck out" he has shown true committment to expand his horizons and challenge himself, he is number one no discussion, he represented Canada well in 2003

Bill "the Butcher" Mahood
faught 5x in 2003on 5 cards in Canada and United States,4-0-1 WOW.. with a big win over T. Sauer shows true heart in his fight no let's call it a "war" with C Brown and deserves respect at number two this guy wants to fight , that means everything

Joe Doerksen
Joe faught 5x in 2003, 5-0 record , he faught on three cards he was a strong contender for the number two the only reason i put him to three ( 5-0 thats awesome) is based on how many cards and where he faught, What a great year for Joe!!

David Louiseau
David faught 3 times in 2003 on two cards with a record of 2-1, in Canada and at the UFC This guys been to the big show and that counts for a shitload win or lose but the reason I put him as #4 is that he needs to get out their and fight outside of his backyard, he is awesome and as soon as he "moves on" from his present situation and fights on other cards around the world he will show "the world" how great he is

honorable mention and really tight to move up Jason St.Louis 6fights, 5-1-0 and Menjivar 3-1-0 also ranked #7 ADCC

I think packing a bag and going to a fightcard outside of your own back yard it worth alot, I think how many times you put it on the line is worth as much, who you beat and who beats you doesnt mean who you are, no matter what way you line them up we as Canadians are lucky to have these guys representing us as Canadians
Leslie Dickens
Shut-up and Fight
( coming back bigger and better in 2004, we are unstoppable!!!)

shutupandfight: put
"Denis Kang fought 7x on 6 cards around the "world" Russia for a draw with a record of 5-2-1.

I think that you ment 5-1-1 to =7, I think that Denis only had the one Draw. I do think that Denis had a good year and that we will see more to come in the new year.

Carlos Newton, without a doubt!

Carlos Newton #1 for sure and it will be incredibly hard for anyone to take that spot from him considering everything he's done. Te others are hard to put in order because of how much different their styles are. Denis Kang, Joe Doerkson, David Louiseau, Bill Mahood, Ivan Menjivar, Cameron Brown and Kultar Gill.

As far as most exciting I would have to give that to both Bill Mahood and Cameron Brown their second fight was the best 205 lb. fight I've seen in a long time.

Most technical I would say Ivan Menjivar he is slick. ( I left Carlos out only because his fights speak for themselves)

Most improved would go to Denis Kang hands down. He has consistantly improved with every fight and has pushed himself to become more exciting as well.

I think what Carlos did in both of his appearances in Pride in 2003 was awesome, split decision to Renzo Gracie, and his loss to Anderson Silva, but I think "fighter of the year" should be a variety of factors not just who fought in the biggest show or who fought the biggest fight in that case Carlos has been the fighter of the year for a few years now and probably will be for a few to come , I believe he is at a different level in Canada and in his own catagory( rightfully so ) no one has done what he has for Canada so in reality he is the number one fighter bar none but i think fighter of the year as I said earlier should be a variety of factors so I will stick with Kang, A guy who stepped up a notch ,improved and pushed his limits.
Leslie Dickens
Shut-up and Fight!!!


I agree with Kang, Loiseaiu, Newton... but you guys Forgot George St Pierre.

what about Goodridge???

Crazyhook. Georges faught 2 times on tko , although a win over spratt is great but doesn't warrant a top three, also Big Daddy was forgotten, three Pride appearances ( 2-1 ) with a win over Frye to end the year??? I still stick with Kang
Leslie Dickens
Shut-up and Fight

I vote for Denis Kang, came on strong in 2003 and I believe 2004 will be his best year yet. Denis hope to see you in UFC soon. Great year.

I think 'Fighter of the Year' is different than 'Fight of the Year' or 'Upset of the Year'.

Dennis Kang gets my vote.

I think Mahood, Doerkson, Crow and Mengivar would have also been up there if there circumstances could have been different.

I think you have to go with Denis Kang on this one. A year ago the world knew very little about this man and was on very few top ten mw lists. Now most informed mma fans are all watching his next move.