Canadian fights of the year??

Lets hear which fight you found to be the best..

I've traveled allot this year throughout Canada to watch fights my top 3

#1 Jason Macdonald vs Castro[great comeback]

#2 Bill Mahood vs Jason Macdonald [great comeback]lol

#3 Westsidestrangler vs Jason St Louis

Kang vs Pain at the Adrenaline show back in June. Few saw it as it was in the ring before the event had even started. People in Van are still talin'bout that fight !

Mahood vs. Brown

Kang vs Doerksen was really fun to watch

I must say that I enjoyed watching Pellerin vs Castro. Although I have never seen a standing 5 min. count to stop bleeding before it was a serious throw down!!!

Loiseau vs Jones

Kang vs Doerksen

Pierson vs Vignealt

Kang Vs Doerkson packed enough action in one round to fill a full three round fight and still be exciting. But that was not 2003 that was in 2002. In any case an awesome fight.

I agree with Jason MacDonald, I thought the Ulysses Castro vs Yan Pellerin was awesome. I thought some of the calls made in that fight were not correct but I still feel it was an awesome fight.

I thought that the Dave Goulet Vs Stephan Dube fight was unbelievable. Non stop action back and forth. One of the most back and forth fights i have seen in a long time.

The Steve Claveau Vs Ryan Diaz fight was CRAZY too. Both guys took huge bombs and came back for more. Both fighters showed unbelievable heart and charachter.

Actually Canadian Fights were on more of my top 10 fights of the year then American ones as Canadian fighters are as excitintg as any fighters in the world bar none.

P.S... I must be sleeping as my spelling in the last post was horrific.

Sorry.... :(

Pat coté and yan pellerin was a good fight to watch too
st-pierre and sprat

Pellerin vs Castro

JayMac vs Castro

Lance Cartwright vs Esfiha

St-Louis vs Brennan

Loiseau vs Jones was in 2002, as for Kang and Doerksen.

Diaz vs Claveau was cool,

Hominick is always fun to watch

Dubé vs Goulet

Castro / Pellerin, thought I saw a tooth go flying for a second before I realized it was a kleenex nose plug. Best throw down I have ever seen. Is there a tape of that one out there?