Canadian grappling tourneys?

Where can I find grappling tournaments in ontario? I have a hard time finding them other then the joslins, which I found by fluke. where should I go?


We have tournaments in Canada? Holy shit! I gotta get outta Ontario!!!

May there is supposed to be the CJA Nationals Grappling tournament in Acton I believe!

I hope to GOD there will be more!

actually I believe this year the CJA tourney is April 17th weekend according to the website..

what is the site for the CJA tourney?

Be sure to be a card carrying member of the CJA so you can compete. I am officially a member I paid my $20 for my CJA membership and can compete. Though there is no actual card you carry around with you.

And now to spread the secret handshake among fellow CJA members increasing it's use dramatically.

Should be a good month with Sled Dog's MTL Gi on the 3rd, CJA on the 17th (though I'm not sure anyone knows where exactly 'Akton' is, or if it is ;), and JF Bolduc's Tristar no-Gi shortly thereafter...