Canadian MMA Rankings

Is 'ranking' a static snap-shot of who can beat whom with in a certain time-frame? If so, Shane Rice has to be ranked higher than Mark Hominick. If he is ranked higher than Mark - based on that reasoning - does this not make him #1, at least in Canada? That is, the guy who beat the #1 becomes the #1.

However, maybe rankings are not a somewhat theoretical measure of who could beat whom within a certain time-frame. If they are not, then I see what Showdown Joe is saying. Maybe the quantity of fights and the win/loss record should be factored in. I am not sure.

Good list.

Some things I would change, but everyone would to a certain degree.

Hey Magnus,

I basically believe rankings should be calculated by numerous variables: a fighter's wins, losses and draws, coupled with his experience and victories over valid opponents. The calculations to determine a perfect ranking system is next to me, I've been trying for years and so has Gary from

If a fighter is 35-0 having never beat ANYONE other than a tomatoe can and St.Pierre is 7-0, having defeated nothing but Top Calibre opponents, who is the better fighter? The one who has beaten top guys or the one with the better record?

What all rankings do not take into consideration is the quality and attributes of a fighter. If one guy thoroughly dominates a guy for 90% of a fight, then gets KO'd, or gets robbed of a decison, rankings do not take that into consideration. It goes down as a loss, which in my opinion is strictly unfair.

If Patrick Cote defeated Randy Couture, does that make him #1 in the world. I'd say NO, only because there is Vanderlai Silva, Quinton Jackson, Tito, Vitor and others who should truely be above him. A one shot victory does not make someone number one in my books. A progressive step by step process determines who is #1.

Please understand that in my eyes, a belt is simply a belt. It does not really say who is the #1 fighter in that weight class, country or world.

I hope I made sense.

Did somebody say rankings??? :)

First to touch on a few of the earlier posts...

BSF, how is Goodridge the joke of Pride? Losing to Fedor and Nogueira? Heath Herring and Mark Coleman are revered as gods in Pride and haven't done any better than Gary has recently.

Anyway, here's how my numbers have it.
What I do is score everyone's overall picture.
Six fights gives a better analysis then taking any one fight for absolute. We all know by now that anything can happen on one night in MMA.

Not being interested in what happened ages ago, if it's not within the last 3 years, I don't count it.

Lastly, all wins and losses are not equal. Weight is given to each fight based on how good the opponent's record is.

As Showdown eluded to, stats don't relfect bad judges decisions, close fights, dominations, etc, but no other major sports rankings do either. Hockey, football, baseball, basketball, golf, tennis, soccer, auto racing... all of them rank people/teams based on win/loss results with no regard for bad ref calls, injured players, flat tires or point spread.

So for now it's....


Diaz, Ryan (132)

Marin, Max (135)

Tavernini, Justin (135)


Carvalho, Antonio (145)

Menjivar, Ivan (145)

Nancoo, Richard (138)

Vigneault, Stephane (145)

Hominick, Mark (142)

Shabaga, Bob (145)

Rice, Shane (145)

Claveau, Steve (144)

Towns, Jason (145)

Brigham, Curtis (145)


Goodridge, Gary (264)

Castro, Ulysses (230)

Gouwenberg, Todd

Biever, Shane (230)

MacDonald, Rob (230)

Brown, Craig (210)

Tremblay, Martin

Larenas, Icho

Cartwright, Lance (237)

Brossoit, Eric (215)


MacDonald, Jason (205)

Mahood, Bill (205)

Cote, Patrick (205)

Francois, Ricardeau (202)

Pellerin, Yan (198)

Brown, Cameron (205)

Arthur, Brock (200)

Sills, Jeromie (194)

Gretzan, Cody (205)

Beauparlant, Brent (205)


Fredrickson, Blake (155)

Jabouin, Yves (155)

Bruckman, Justin (155)

Stout, Sam (155)

Gill, Kultar (155)

Goulet, David (155)

Compton, Greg (155)

Bolduc, Jean-Francois (154)

Hamzeh, Chad (155)

Hesson, Gavin (155)


Doerksen, Joe Daniel (185)

Kang, Denis (184)

Loiseau, David (184)

Vigneault, Steve (184)

Fontaine, Chris (185)

Potvin, Stephan (185)

Paul, Fritz (183)

Sandford, Kyle (185)

Pisko, Jordan (185)

Newton, Carlos (185)


St. Pierre, Georges (169)

Alessio, John (169)

St. Louis, Jason (170)

Ouimet, Donald (170)

Goulet, Jonathan (170)

Galbraith, Travis (170)

Guigui, David (164)

Joslin, Jeff (170)

Legault, Steve (168)

Keuleyan, Raffie (170)


rude22...bro, I'm so completely slipped my mind.

Please chalk it up to a mix up via screen names. The R and the # at the apologies again.

hehe, no prob Joe.

FWIW, I think Rob King does the MMA world an outstanding service maintaining the Sherdog database.

Man all this goes to show that good fighters are underappreciated by the crowd on this forum. Honestly, this artificial focus on ethnic origin reminds me of baseball before Jackie Robinson.
Personally I prefer to see the best fighters fight. George St. Pierre, Ivan Menjivar, and Carlos Newton are all excellent examples of what Canadian fighters should aspire to.

I'm not sure if I'm feeling OK or I'm not reading Kashk post right but I have to agree with him. Great post.

TTT for the UFC LHW champion Enson Inoue!!!!!!

TTT for the UFC LHW champion Enson Inoue!!!!!!


What does your post have to do with the topic?

Yeah, we all like to see great fighters fight, what's your point?

This topic is about taking a look at the Canadian scene and acknowledging who is doing well comparitively.

MMA is competition. With competition comes the need/desire to rank higher than the next person. It's a very natural exercise.

The "I just want to see good fights" diatribe is warm and fuzzy, but MMA fighters don't simply "want to have good fights", they want to be better than the person across from them.

rude22, where is Shane Rice?

what is the ranking criteria that is most accepted?


whoops, I missed Shane Rice originally. He's on there now.

It brings up a good example of what I have going though.

Shane Rice doesn't move ahead of Hominick despite his recent win over him. Staying with the "anything can happen", and "overall profile" concepts, Hominick still has a better overall track record recently than Rice at this point.

Don't rag on Couture Canario. You know what will happen if you do.


Local/regional/national/international rankings all have their place. Smaller pools help growing talents track their progress, and give previews as to what might be seen later on, on the bigger stage.

Those TKO rankings look accurate to me. Except, I'd personally change 2 things:

Ivan should be #1 in Canada regardless of whether he's ranked at LW or SLW. If Menjivar ever fought Kultar or Ouimet he'd be the clear favorite. And that proves my point.

Joe - IMO, Kultar drops after that loss to Holanda. He just didn't show anything in that fight. He's a great fighter, but that cost him #1 in my book.

I do think Goodridge deserves the #1 HW spot. He's accomplished sooo much more then anyone else on that list. He continues to impress in K-1.

nice thread! awesome to disect the Canadian scene.

If menjivar is allowed to be in more than one weight class, then I'd put him at #1 at LW and SLW as well.

Gill should still be #2, but Fredrickson and Ouimet is a toss up imo on who is #3 then.


The "CANADIAN SCENE" should include all fighters who train in Canada, especially if they fight in Canadian promotions.

Profiles are nice and all, but getting taken down and choked out is no accident, Rice should be ranked ahead of a man he owned when they fought, it wasn't a lucky punch victory.