Canadian OGer arrested for sexing non-human cow

Beauce: the man who satisfied his impulses with a cow is arrested

The man filmed while assuaging his sexual urges with a cow three weeks ago in Beauce was finally pinned down by the police of the Sûreté du Québec (SQ).

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Authorities confirmed the arrest of a 30-year-old man during Thursday.

The suspect, a Beauce resident, was released on a promise to appear in July. At that time, he should be formally charged with break and enter and bestiality.

The crimes alleged against him occurred in mid-April, on a family farm in Saint-Simon-les-Mines, not far from Beauceville.

The suspect allegedly broke into the farm building in the middle of the night and then assuaged his low instincts with a cow.

He was far from suspecting that his actions would be filmed in full by a surveillance camera.

We can especially see the individual, wearing a cap, pants and a kangaroo, climbed on a haystack to be at the right height during the act, which lasts several minutes.

Photos taken from the surveillance camera images were posted on social media by a person gravitating around the family farm.

These images were then shared on the web several thousand times.

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If you're hung like a bull, you fuck cows.

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shit now i want assuage my urges.

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And I thought the meat packing was closed in Quebec (ha!)

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King Trav and Crown Royal always make for a memorable evening.

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Bovine?  More like bo-fine...