Canadian Olympic Trials Question?

What place in each weight div do you have to take to be on the olympic team? Alternates?



for what sport ?

freestyle wrestling

1st to be on team, 2nd for alternate and they sometimes take guys for their training partners. Just becuase you win Nationals doesn't mean you go to the Olympics though, you have to qaulify the weight 1st.

how do you 'qualify the weight', and what does that mean? sorry, i am uninitiated in how this stuff works.

There are certain international tournys (World championships is one, pan-ams used to be but i dont' think it is anymore, but not sure) that you have to place 8th or higher in to qualify that weight class.

So in Evan Macdonalds case (he was the only male canadian at the 2003 world championships to place in the top 8) he has qualified canada to send someone to the olympics at 66kg.

But it didn't necessarily mean it would be evan. Evan had to still win at the canadian olympic trials to keep his spot, which he did do. But if someone had beat him and then beat him again, because the trials finals are best 2 of 3 then Evan would have lost his spot on the canadian olympic team and whoever had beat him would be going to the olympics.

As it stands right now, for the mens team, canada as only qualified the 66kg weight class thanks to Evans incredible accomplishment at his first Senior World Championships.

But i'm almost positive there are one or two more tourny's in Europe that are qualifying tournements for weight classes.

Hope this helps!

there are 2 or 3 other chances for the weights to be qualified in 2004 before the olympics.

Did you think about competing? just to see? I thought there would have been ay least some mixed guys to go. too bad.