This historic tournament features eight of Canada's best Muay Thai athletes. The field of athletes is very strong with several very strong and respected athletes sitting in the wings as alternates.

A major selling point for this tournament in Calgary is the inclusion of the hometown's highly affable Jesse 'Smiles' Miles.

JESSE MILES (Lacombe) / Calgary
At 25 years of age, and the shortest in the field of athletes, Miles has lost only one fight during his career. Highly respected and decorated during his fight career, Miles knows he will have to be at the top of his game to perform well is such a strong field of opposition. In regards to the competition in the qualifier, Miles has fought fellow tournament athlete Justin Jones in the past and won in a great scrap.

DAVE ZUNIGA / Winnipeg
'Dangerous' Dave is viewed as the favorite to win this tournament. The most experienced athlete in the event and having defeated so many other talented Canadian athletes, Zuniga has had his eyes on Miles, the Calgary native for years. Zuniga has defeated fellow tournament athlete Alex Ricci in the past.

ALEX RICCI / Toronto
Having lived and fought in Thailand, Ricci is noteworthy for having the purest Muay Thai skills of the group. Ricci will be pulling the tricks out of the hat so to speak if he rematches fellow tournament athletes Dave Zuniga (loss) and Zubair Khan (win).

Montreal's Goungaye is a former French Muay Thai Champion. France is renowned for their Muay Thai skill especially in Thailand by the Thai's. The newly arrived Goungaye has very good Muay Thai skills and intends to show the rest of Canada he is the best Muay Thai athlete in Canada.

JUSTIN JONES / Vancouver
Very talented, tough as nails, and wanting to prove he has been overlooked by fans of the Canadian Muay Thai scene as one of Canada's best, Jones is chomping at the bit to win the tournament and even possibly rematch Miles.

BRAD WALL / Lethbridge
Having fought all over the world and trained with notable people including Thailand's Saengtien Noi and Australia's John Wayne Parr, the experienced 'Brick' Wall is in the best shape of his life for this event.

'Boots' has been extremely active defeating Muay Thai competition both in Thailand and Las Vegas. Holst has also won a MMA Title complimenting his extremely aggressive style possibly giving him a mental edge in this knock down and drag out tournament. Holst has been training in Brazil for this event.

The 'Cobra' is the tallest and possibly most aggressive of all the athletes in this competition. Having fought internationally against some of the competition in the world, Khan feels it is time for him to shine and he promises his best performance ever in this event.


Two Superfights will take place during the Canadian Qualifier (before semi finals and the tournament final bout).
Featured are:
Scott Pitbull Clark (Calgary) vs. Caius Baluta (Windsor) in a full Muay Thai rules professional bout.
First season competitor on The Contender Asia, Trevor Smandych battles American Aaron Fisher in a Full Muay Thai rules bout.

These great bouts round out an action packed event.

Date: September 20th, 2008
Location: Calgary Telus Convention Centre
Tickets: $50-$150
Tickets available at: (on sale soon)
Mike Miles Muay Thai – 6041 – 6th Street SE (403 244-8424)
National Kickboxing NW - #25, 7750 Ranchview Dr. NW (403 208-1296)

Doors open at 5:30PM fights start at 6:30PM

Professional bouts sanctioned by the World Muay Thai Council (WMC) and the Calgary Combative Sports Commission License # 125044 Amateur bouts are sanctioned by the Canadian Muay Thai Council – Amateur (CMTC-A). Changes to the line up can occur at any time and are beyond the control of the Promoter. 6 Bouts Guaranteed!
**This event is brought to you by the executive and membership of the Calgary Amateur Kickboxing and Muay Thai Association (CAKMA a registered not for profit association) *
Thanks for your continued support of CAKMA, Mike Miles Muay Thai and Muay Thai in Calgary!!!

Very busy, as the Canadian Qualifier event is just in 3 days. Athletes have been doing lots of television, radio, and newspaper interviews. Jesse did an interview with Mauro Ranello from the Fight Network today. Should be on the Fight Network leading into the event. A representative of the Fight Network will be at the event for additional coverage.

Go Zuniga!

 TTT for results

From the Canada Forum:

Miles vs Mokomse Miles by KO round 1

Khan vs Zuninga Khan by decision

Ricci vs Wall Ricci by KO round 2

Holst vs Jones Holst by KO round 1

Clark vs ??? Clark by Stopage round 1

Miles vs Khan Miles wins Khan quits round 1

Holst vs Ricci Ricci wins decision in maybe fight of the night absolute war although I am biased

Smandych vs ???? Smandych wins ?????

Ricci vs Miles Ricci wins great fight ref waves it off at the VERY end of round 3 TKO or Ko not sure

Sorry for the names and spelling some of the KO where maybe TKO but I got the winners right for sure...

Big thanks to Mike Miles and Robin Finley best night of Muay Thai for Canada ever in my opinion

Pat Cooligan

what's the result of the Smandych/Fisher fight?

i found the result. smandych won via tko in the third round.