Canadian Rankings?

After the TKO and some Canadians in Guam, here are my take on the Canadian Rankings..


1)Ivan Menjivar

2)Mark Hominick

3)Ryan Diaz

4)Stephane Vigneault

5)Antonio Carvalho

6)Curtis Brigham

7)Theirry Quenville

8)David Guigui

9)Max Marin

10)Richard Nancoo


1)Kultar Gill

2)Donald Ouimet

3)Blake Frederickson

4)David Goulet

5)Justin Bruckmann

6)Pain Peters

7)Sam Stout

8)Yves Jabouin

9)Chad Hamzeh

10)Mark Bocek


1)Georges St.Pierre

2)Carlos Newton

3)John Alessio

4)Jason St.Louis

5)Jonathan Goulet

6)Jeff Joslin

7)Travis Galbraith


1)David Loiseau

2)Joe Doerkson

3)Denis Kang

4)Chris Fontaine

5)Steve Vigneault

6)Kyle Sandford

7)Stephan Potvin

8)Sean Pierson


1)Patric Cote

2)Jason MacDonald

3)Bill Mahood

4)Yan Pellerin

5)Cameron Brown

6)Rob MacDonald

7)Chris Peak

8)Derek Tisdale

9)Pascal Gosselin


1)Ullyses Castro

2)Todd Gouwenberg

3)Lance Cartwright

4)Martin Tremblay

5)Iccho Larenas


Damn, there are a lot of names in there that I would love to see fighting each other.

What about Wagnney Fabiano?

I'm ranked just ahead of Dougie and Canario. But behind Dantheman.

I think Wagnney's win in the last TKO puts him in the top ten. He's only had two fights so far, however they were both championship fights and he is the TKO SLW camp once again. If Wagnney can successfully defend his title in the next TKO event his name should be at the top of the list.

I'd put Wagney there but not because he won two championships, come on !! How come someone could win a championship in his first or second pro fight?? Take Stephane Vigneault for example; he's 6-2 and never fought for a belt yet.

The only thing you ranked ahead of me in is stinky feet dsc. Ha ah ha!

Back tot he topic. Should there be a minimum amount of fights for someone to be considered in the top 10?