Canadian Title Fight in Hull, Queb

Sunday afternoon at the Casino in Hull, Quebec. Team Tompkins member Lorenzo 'the Jackel' Giancola will be fighting for the first title in his bright career. Jean Yves Theriault will be hosting the Kickboxing event. If your in the area pop in and support the sport...

GO Lorenzo !!!

Kick ass man !


Hey Shawn, do you know how much tickets are? Do you have anyone else fighting on the card?

Maybe we'll see you there!


Sam Stout is also doing a 3 rounder.
Its a prep for his TKO fight.

Check the net for iceman promotions and it will give you ticket info.

WE would love to see you there Mark

ok, will do.

Are you guys gonna stick around afterwards?

TTT for Lorenzo.

Mark Tickets were 25 bucks general admission at the last show. Hmeboy, I will be going let me know if you want a ride down


We're heading home after the show.
But will be in town Saturday night and some of us will be doing some partying. The crazyhooker or I mean Crazyhook is the host with the most that night. Hominick and Rondinelli are coming as well to support their teamate.

HAHA! you guys will be in for a treat Mr Tompkins. I will do all the translating in La Belle province

Crazyhook is the host of the party, or should I say 'par tay', huh? lol I'm not sure if that's good or bad

Hey Crazyhook, e-mail me @ my ronin address!

Mark.. off to bed, I will fire you one off in the morning... if you are coming out too we are all in big trouble

Good luck guys!

Lorenzo is facing Dan Coles, who I believe is from Ottawa area.

I think he has trained with Scott Clay, at one time.

Pick me up on your way thru you silly bastards...



Dan Coles fights out of Kingston.

I have money on The Jackal.

JHR check your e-mail.....

We're picking you up after we leave Carlos's.

BE READY !!!!!!

JHR check your e-mail.....

We're picking you up after we leave Carlos's.

BE READY !!!!!!

Ottawa will not be the same after JHR makes a visit... god help us all

Crap, I was just joking !!!

LOL, Let me make a few phonecalls !!

I'll see if I can get out of what I have to do on Sunday :)