Canadian trip question

For anyone around the globe. Is there anywhere in Canada that you want to visit? I'm Canadian and have traveled to many places in the US and beyond, but have never really toured beyond Ontario. The family has decided to head to Newfoundland next summer. Where in Canada do you want to visit?

I would like to check out Kelwona some day. 

Canada is a beaaaautiful country. We have some of the nicest scenery in the world, and virtually every variety of it except tropical stuff. As far as exciting events, and man made things go, there's nothing to write home about really. I'd love to go fishing in northern saskatchewan. 

Akkadian88 - 

I'd like to see banff. That's about it really.

Is that in BC ? The very scenic area ?

i would like to go back to the yukon or very northern BC (atlin area).

East of Quebec and West of Manitoba. Anything in between is junk.

Banff and Jasper National parks. Kelowna. Fernie. Whistler. Vancouver. So much to see out west. 

Banff ^

I live in Calgary, and Banff is about an 1hr 10min drive from my house. I actually prefer nearby Canmore to Banff. keep driving and you get to Lake Louise (and Lake Moraine) which are beautiful but usually very busy. Then either head into BC or head up the ice field parkway to Jasper. Some amazing scenery and loads of outdoor stuff to do. 

I’m actually moving a bit further out of Calgary next month so will only be about a 35min drive to Canmore. Love getting out to the mountains! 


BJTT_Pella - 

I would like to check out Kelwona some day. 

I live in Kelowna…if you make it I got first 10 rounds of drinks.

Canmore is pretty awesome. I have family out there.

Soreshins do you ever make it out to Kelowna?

We do the drive west to Vancouver island every summer. From Banff/Jasper west is 10 hours jaw dropping scenery the entire way. Couple photos of the coast I took this time out:

you could spend your whole life in BC and not see 10% of it. it really is the most ecologically divers and beautiful place in the world.