Canadians at Hero's

The Hero's tournament coming up May 3rd has 2 Canadian fighters. Here are some of the participants:

Norifumi 'Kid' Yamamoto will be fighting Kazuyuki Miyata,
Caol Uno, Hideo Tokoro, Ryuki Ueyama, Hideki Kadoma, Vitor "Shaolin" Ribeiro, Pequeno Nogueira, Ivan Menjivar, Black Mamba, and Ole Laursen of Denmark.

Good luck to Menjivar and Kultar Gill. Some very tough fighters in this tourney.

How are the Magic Mushrooms out there?!!!

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Any of you bitches coming to calgary at the end of this month?

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Who are they matching Menjivar and Kultar Gil against?

forgot black mamba is kultar gill. good to see two canadians in there.

You might see a 3rd Canadian in there yet.


one more?? Carvalho? Bruckmann? Nancoo?

We may finally get to see Menjivar/Kid. That would be NUTS.

This tournament is going to be crazy. Who's the 3rd Canadian?

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email sent. Reach me.

Gabora vs. RioTeep

Rioteep will go down in a blaze of glory. Blaze, get it!

RioTeep X Farshad with special guest referee Nik

With special guest Ring Announcer Big Mark

Any word on the 3rd canadian participant?

"...With special guest Ring Announcer Big Mark"
I just sustained an injury reading that.