Canadians confirm fights in Guam..

On May 22 Len Smith 155 5-0, Derek Tisdale 205 5-0 from Evolution Mixed Martial Arts ( formally Okanagan Jiu-Jitsu) and Justin Tavernini 130 3-2 Meins Mixed Martial Arts will face their toughest fights to date in Guam on the PXC card on May 22 2004.

Len Smith vs. Justin Mercado ( Grappling Unlimited ) Superbrawl veteran

Derek Tisdale vs Steve Roberto ( Grappling Unlimited )

Justin Tavernini vs. Loiuse Gonzalez ( Baja Gracie Brown Belt )

These guys are excited about making their international debut's and will represent Canada well. Also on the card are Ryan Diaz and Kultar Gil I am not sure who their opponents are but I do know they are Baja Gracie Black Belts.

Awesome opportunity for all these guys !!!! good luck !


Best of luck.

Wow! Any more info on this event? A website maybe???



I beleive their website is being built right now but it is a top notch event the main event is Tony Frykland vs Buck Greer and the promoter is treating us first class it should be fun. The fights are 3 x 5 min. using the same rules as Pride

Best of Luck Gibson Pankration.

Team Tompkins



Sounds like a cool event.....Fryklund-Greer should definitely be good, let alone the other matches on the card.

I can't wait to find out who Diaz & Gill are fighting.

Good luck everyone!