Canberra Guys


I mentioned to McGoo that I'd be joining you on the mat on Monday the 22nd, who may or may not have mentioned it to you. Well as it happens I've stuffed my neck/back late last week, which despite GBB's assurances, hasn't yet responded to his special "Fridge/Freezer Treatment" applied on Sunday night.

Anyway things might end up okay, but I just wanted to let you know you'll only see me if things improve some (I'll bring my Gi just in case). I hope I can make it because Canberra is as boring as shit as it is, let alone if I am required to sit around my family for a f'ing week!!

Merry Christmas Canberra,

0401 0204 25

Yep, Sydney gets a look in as well - we are doing the scenic Canb-Sydn drive on the 26th and heading home on NYE. No BJJ in Sydney however, I am planning on being drunk as a skunk while with the in-laws!

Canberra has admittedly a pretty poor showing in both the boobs and beach department, but more than makes up for it in porn, pot, pollies and... thinking... firecrackers.

No deal Benbjj, he is staying in canberra...

Hope you recover in time Jason, havent rolled with you for ages.

Its a short drive benbjj, why dont you bring yourself down here for some rolling...

Then you can take back all the crackers you want :) (and porn)

Canberra-guys: I am in action! I had a bit of a light roll on Friday night at GZ and while not feeling 100%, I should be fine for tomorrow night.

Sydney-siders: myself and another GZ'er will be in Sydney between Boxing Day and NYE. We'll see if we can jump on the mat with some of you guys if you're game. Any suggestions, or should I say, who's open during that time?