Canberra Lads

When I last visited the ACT (around Xmas) there was an absolute block of a bloke who, someone told me, was shooting for a world deadlifting record.

Who was he and how much is he looking to lift?

One of the guys at work showed me an article (in Muscle and Fitness #70) about a guy called Mark Henry who can deadlift 903pds (about 410kgs) - bloody monster or what?!?!?!

BTW I heard you showed Cameron from Ground Zero a good time when he visited a week or two ago. Thanks for looking after him.

absolute block of a a guy is an understatement! his name is Joe jimpalo (sp?) champion of a guy! he was going for 400kgs at a body weight of between 100 and 110 i think, he ended up a little overtrained at the powerlifting show and i think ended up geting 380kgs.
i think i was away when Cameron came? dunno.