Cancel Elon

Leftists are insane people, no way around it.


These are employees who work for NBC Universal Comcast.


there is no group of people more irrelevant than SNL cast members right now. No one cares about ‘entertainers’ as it is anymore.


This is the irony of it. They won’t be on an episode hosted by Elon but they’ll cash those checks from one of the richest most disgusting corporations on earth.


They are a lot like Bernie. The problem with the world according to them is the rich. Until they actually became rich. Then the problem became the ultra rich. If any of those cast members became billionaires, then they would just target the future trillionaires.

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Fuck SNL. Elon is fucking awesome.

I miss old SNL when they weren’t angry liberals.


That show has been total shit since the early 80’s. It’s painfully unfunny, and the cast is consistently horrible at what they do.


I agree, but let me just add this. I’m getting older, see some things in different ways. These young theater kids they have on snl (they aren’t comedians, no way) are fucking soft. Very soft.

Soft times make soft people, and snl is a good reflection on that. Like the LBJ’s of the comedy world. So fucking hippocratical. They have a “problem” with exactly what they are, yet they refuse to look in a mirror. Fuuuuck them.

Only thing I’ve seen funny on Saturday night live and maybe 20 years was the black dude in the hockey rink. Had a little bit of an edge, not too much, but just old dumb and funny. Absolutely zero politics there, which is what Saturday night live should just do someday. They won’t though. F*** them all, another podium for Hollywood.

SNL hasn’t been funny since Will Ferrell left. So they haven’t been good for almost 20 years.

They only times recently I have found them funny is when Dave Chappelle and Eddie Murphy hosted the show.

The staff today is a bunch of snowflakes who don’t know how to be funny to mainstream Americans.

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Musk is changing the world and advancing technology faster than anyone or any government agency in the world right now.

These unfunny self righteous fucks do nothing. They contribute nothing to the world.

It drives me crazy that they have any voice whatsoever when it comes to anything other than their soy lattes.

Has any cast member said they are not going to show up?

I still record SNL and end up fast forwarding through most of it.

It still has some funny moments, but most of it isn’t funny.

A lot of times, we’ll watch the older episodes they put on at 9pm (that’s CST) before the news.

It’s insane how political the show has gotten. On the older episodes, when you watch the news there are maybe a couple of political jokes, and they’d poke fun at both sides. Nowadays, most of the news is political and it’s about 90% political, and after 4 years of lame Trump jokes, now that he’s out of office you think they’d focus on the current administration but with most of the cast being SJW’s, that’s not happening.

In 1995,Elon Musk
wanted to work with an Internet company, he applied to work at Netscape, sent his resume, tried hanging out in their lobby, but he was too shy to talk to anyone. So he started his own Internet company (Zip2) as he wasn’t able to get a job anywhere.
Right after leaving the company, Zip2’s CEO became an executive CommTouch, an Israeli tech company run at the time by Isabel Maxwell, who previously worked at the front company run by her father to sell software w a backdoor for Israel to the US govt.
Isabel Maxwell is Ghislaine Maxwell sister.

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