Cancelling a wow thread?

 Thanks mods I've done with it - it's now a thread about 'face rolling easy mode' with the usual suspects

please delete :-)


Also please delete "New 3.3 Weapon is End All Kick Ass-Shadhowmourne" thread- it's now a thread about 'Ry is satan' with the usual suspects.


for some reason i cant do shit to them.....

Delete Squatdog too

LOL - feel free to talk about free epic here too then

Squatdog is the free epic destroying vigilante... he went as far to crusade against Blizzard in a one man protest by canceling his account.

Ok who ever has the highest DPS please cancel this thread.

lol, all i can do is freez the thread..... so

 deleted that one, you want yours gone too ry?

yes please delete "3.3 Weapon", and the thread" ATTN: Eric Collins". All weve done is talked shit to each other for 16 posts and its just bringing down the gamer ground, like all these lame argument thread lol