Cancer Mutation Experts Please Check In!

I copied your entire post and sent it to a oncologist/hematologist friend. If she has anything helpful to add I will send it your way immediately.

Nope, I’m sure it works for some people, but this is the guy who went to the emergency room twice because I freaked out from doing THC breathstrips, and then CBD/THC oil. I also didnt react well to the time they gave me ketamine.

Thanks so much my brother, if they need more info, and have the time, I would be happy to send the report over:)

Something to consider IMO and look into further. Its not THC and its not ketamine, rest assured.

Your cetuximab was with folfiri though right?

Well if cami starts posting used MAGA condoms we’ll know if he’s dabbling.

Immunotherapy is a game-changer in fighting cancer, with CAR-T being just the latest. Keep alive and the science will catch up to you, Cami. I’m really rooting for you.

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No, it was with Folfox. I need 9 cycles of Folfox with Avastin when I was first diagnosed, it decreased my tumors 40%, and kept me stable for about 14 months, which I took Xeloda as maintenance. Then I had a Y90 treatment, months later started up Folfox again with cetuximab.

I would almost refuse Irinotecan if offered, I’ve seen first hand what it does to people in the infusion room, people vomiting and defecating almost uncontrollably.

Jesus I had no idea you were facing this.

I wish you all the luck in the world

Thanks brother

@MattyECB is who you’re referring to i think

Specific mutations and treatments are out of my wheelhouse

Interesting. I have no idea what the real world experience is like. I always thought people switched from folfox to folfiri and avastin to cetuximab. That’s just on paper I guess.

Another option to get on a PD-1 inhibitor is to look at the ARC-9 trial but there are no sites in Colorado. Looks like they’re going after second line and third line with an anti-PD-1 and an adenosine inhibitor, with the idea that adenosine inhibition can help the PD-1 work. The problem is that they’re randomized trials…

Thanks so much for your input and info my friend:)

I love the OG, fuck cancer. All the best OP

I hate to sound like someone’s hippie aunt who tells you to use Sandalwood and Patchouli to treat your tumor, but…

Lactoferrin. Look into it, use it.

All the best, man!

Good luck, camicom! And may the Power protect you!

I actually have this is my cabinet in case i got COVID.

If the kras mutation is G12C, there are ongoing trials of G12C specific drugs in combination with cetuximab.

If it’s another kras mutation, there are still options.