Candace Owens- Dems Are Shipping Illegas To Red States To Turn Them Blue

Evidently this has been going on for years, whenever Dems were in power.

The Dems have targeted Texas, Tennessee and Virginia.

As soon as illegals make across the border they are rounded up and shipped out.

Evidently we have enough space at the border to house them, but the Dems are moving them out as fast as possible.

Evil genius.


Glad Candace is around to speak the truth she trips up the mainstream leftists a bit with her skin tone, libs don’t like black woman that think like her, she is a more powerful voice of reason for it.


Illegals go where the work is. Red states have the most agriculture and meat packing jobs.

Her words hurt so instead of listening I call her an uncle Tom

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Shipping them?

You ever buy something online and pay for “shipping”?

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Yes. Is that what dems are doing with illegals now?

No human is illegal, racist.


i’d do er

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Do you know what a figure of speech is? Or are we going to play moronic word games because you have nothing intelligent to say in defense of what is going on.


I heard they are using Wayfair to do it as well.

I just recognize bullshit when I see it.

Dems aren’t shipping illegals

They aren’t sending anyone

There’s no massive conspiracy. It’s the same shit it’s always been

CIA and daddy America destabilized central and South America for over 100 years, corporations in USA want illegal workers so they can pay them less, migrants want a better life for themselves and their family.

Republicans are a dying breed either way, so get used to it.

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Republican politicians are all satanic human trafficking pedophiles. Prove me wrong

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Guess those red states should have protected their elections. Why are they all so weak and inept at everything? Conservatives have lost the MS and social media, the CIA, academia, the federal gov’t, sports, corporations, clearly the elections, hell, I’m even hearing the military is a leftist organization now.

Maybe they should just welcome their liberal overlords; clearly they are the looters and parasites to the liberals ‘producers.’

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LOL, you wish.

The Dems are going to get crushed next year.
Republicans gained seats in the House and will gain more in 2022 and will propbably take back the Senate.
The Republicans control more States and picked up more state legislature seats.

Biden is blowing up already and Harris is a giggling moron.
People are getting an eyeful of what Progressive policy brings,

Death, Crime and Poverty.

LOL< Dying? 76 million voted last year.

Well he’s a moron, sooooo…

Red states vote for anyone who repeats a few talking points and quotes a few bible verses. They get elected and it’s revealed they were full of shit but red states reelect them anyway. Every now and then an actual principled politician makes it through and what happens? Liberals run smear campaigns against the person and the right primaries them. And through it all red states are still surprised when things happen that “they didn’t vote for”.

bullshit. bloomberg shipped all the homeless from nyc to upstate

Yes because elections are not going to be rigged until the end of time hahahahaha

Beat them by converting them to being Conservatives.