Candace Owens is REFUSED MEDICAL SERVICE by Leftist bedwetter

Cite that or you’re just another dime a dozen liar.


He didn’t deny to bake them a cake. Due to his religious beliefs, he refused to decorate the cake, but told them he’d bake them any cake they want. It’s a hit job. The LGBT community have been trying to make this guy lose his business because he doesn’t believe in their ideology concerning gay weddings or sex change parties. That’s the issue. Stop conflating things.


^ hold on while he moves the goalposts and comes up with a new excuse.


Oh, and for the record, if an illegal goes to the ER with symptoms of covid but doesn’t have insurance, no Vax card or any identification, it is illegal not to take care of that person.

Yet when a healthy young person who is not in a high risk group of dying from covid decided against getting a vaccination based on her own risk/reward calculation and discussions with her doctor, does as she’s required if she wants to do anything and goes to get tested at a location receiving state and federal funds gets denied because of what basically amounts to her political beliefs, you better believe that it is fucked up.

So, if you sneak into the country through our southern border and try to get tested, no problem. But if you are a young, healthy citizen and aren’t overly hysterical about a virus with an overall 99.9% survival rate and you skip the vaccination, you get denied and basically have to stay under house arrest. It’s bullshit.

It’s funny, there’s 2 schools of thought going on right now. Those that are irrationally afraid of covid, and those that aren’t. Those that aren’t afraid of covid is mixed with those that are vaccinated and those that aren’t. In the scared camp, they are all vaccinated.

This world is upside down.


If you want to use it as a discussion on religious Liberty grounds sure. But when you’re doing it to argue a free market idea it is irrelevant.

That’s not a troll. If there is anything incorrect about my statement please bring it forward.

But before doing so, please remember that the “pizza gate” thread on here was one of the most popular on the forum at the time, with dozens of people actively claiming it to be legitimate.

Yes, there are a bunch of legitimate Qanon dorks here.

A lot of the people that get sucked in by Qanon shit don’t realize it’s Qanon necessarily.

It’s not like they go to weekly meetings of the local Qanon chapter.

They just fall for internet bullshit that Qanoners from 8kun peddled. Anyone who thought Trump was secretly still running the government after Jan 6th, or that he was going to be “re-instated” at any point this year, etc etc.

Things like pizzagate
And Jewish Space Lasers

If you actually believed that there was some secret shadow entity in the government that was fighting against a cabal of satan worshipping baby eaters and leaking all this information online to 8kun, then you might be a Qananer

Yup. Agreed. But this seems fairly common. I’ve never seen a legitimate racial supremacist admit to being so. It’s usually a lot of stuff about “tradition” and all that. I’ve never seen an antivaxxer admit it. It’s always “well my research shows…”

And yes, I’ve never seen a Qanon type EVER admit to it. It’s always random shit about the deep state, or whatnot.

People delude themselves into thinking their beliefs are “normal”

Like who?

That post was a whole lot of “I’m constantly applying inaccurate labels to people, and they never say that I’m right!”

I don’t know dude, there’s a common denominator there….maybe you’re just not good at the whole labelling thing?

Leftists don’t like uppity black folks like Candace.
Blacks are supposed to know their place and blindly support the party that brought them slavery and Jim Crow.
The party that worked they asses off to destroy the black family.


That’s the first time I ever heard that.
Let me think about that for a bit.
Man, That’s interesting that you came up with that.

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