Candied Bacon

In talking to others it seems most agree on a singular way of cooking up a batch. Most seem to like to use the oven to make them but I wanted to offer another method for those that like candied bacon. You use a skillet. So you would fry up bacon like you normally would but at the very end when they’re about done, you pour in maple syrup. Make sure to coat each strip. You can’t use pancake syrup. It has to be real maple syrup.

Once each strip is coated, take them out and put on a plate(without paper towel or the bacon will stick). As the bacon cools off you will notice a very nice candied sheen over your bacon. Your bacon has now been candied and I find this method a lot easier and imo it tastes way better. I don’t care for the mixture of brown sugar and bacon fat. It makes me sick for some reason. However, this is some of the best candied bacon you will ever have. A bit expensive if you don’t have the syrup but it’s not an every day thing… or maybe it is.

Try it out… let me know if it worked out for you.

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