Canines you wish were your friend but they aren't

This thread is about dogs and their canine cousins who you want to be your loyal companion; to love and snuggle with on the couch.  Except, they aren't your friend.  They would probably bite the shit out of you if given the chance.


He doesn't want to be your friend.  He wants to eat your cat.  He lives in Asia, Africa, and parts of Europe and is closely related to the Coyote.  Europeans have hybridized them with poodles.  A Russian company hybridized them with a reindeer herding breed and are used exclusively as scent dogs for airport security.

Bush Dog:

He lives in South America, most often in the Amazonian rainforest.  He's short and fat like a sausage with legs.  They prey on large rodent species like capybaras.  They are a rather ancient breed that has managed to survive.

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This guy is probably the most versatile dog out there.  He can live in snow or the desert.  Urban areas or rural areas.  He'll live in a cave or on a golf course.  They have thrived and spread their territory despite constant hunting and eradication measures.  There are anecdotal stories of them being domesticated and hybridized but there's no widespread practice.  Eats LOTS of neighborhood cats and foo-foo dogs.

Raccoon dog:

Look at this fuckin' guy.  C'mon, he's perfectly engineered to be a pillow.  He lives in East Asia.  They were a threatened species but numerous populations have been successfully introduced in Latvia, Armenia, Ukraine and other places.

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How awesome is this dude?  Another Asian canine, sometimes referred to as a Red Wolf.  He whistles similar to a fox.  Usually under 40 pounds.

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Maned Wolf:

WTF?  Is this a giraffe dog?  He's not a fox, nor a wolf.  He's his own deal.  He's a solitary hunter and his piss smells like marijuana.

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The jackal looks like a mean mofo. Definitely not a dog I want to snuggle with Phone Post 3.0

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