Cannon Brothers to BROWN!!!

I Lurked onto the Derbycitybjj website and just saw that Kyle and Colin Cannon got promoted to Brown Belt this past weekend!

Congrats Gentlemen!

I have trained with these guys several times and I am happy to hear that they are no longer 'purple belts' because they made me feel supremely unworthy.

Keep up the good work!


congrats to kyle and colin.

kyle was the first bjj fighter I ever rolled with and he murdered me. that was like 5 years ago.

now i'm a purple belt.

time flies.

those brown belts are WELL deserved!

Daniel 'Amsterdam' / Carlson Gracie Holland

congrats guys

well done guys

Thanks guys. We have pictures of the seminar up at


Thanks guys! Especially our training partners like Josh and Tim.
I think I can speak for Colin, too, when I say that it meant even more to get the belt from our friend, Mike O'Donnell. He is a really cool guy with awesome jiu-jitsu.

De nada. Voce vai ter que vir pra treinar na nossa academia em
dezembro. Vai ser da hora!
Mais tatames, uma jaula de MMA, e equipamento de musculacao.
Quero estar ai na tua academia quando voce ganhar a faixa preta. Me
conte mais detalhes quando souber.
Um abracao

Cool! You guys for sure deserve it.Scott Tackett/purple belt/Bruce Shepherd-Marcelo Ferreira BJJ

Amsterdam, how is Holland, are you living there again or are you still in

Scott, you should stop by sometime and check our place out.

Kedar or Tim, could you send me the info for Lucas' tournament coming
up in Nov. If all goes well I will see you guys up there.

Colin,Call me on my cell-502-648-5300 tomorrow,I have some stuff you might be interested in.


Lucas' tournament is cancelled this year, but he will be hosting a gi and no gi event in April. Date yet to be determined.

I will keep you posted.


See you in April, Tim.

back in Amsterdam bro. training with Marcos Flexa (carlson black belt from back in the day). harsh mo fo I assure you. life's good. anyways take care man.

If your come back to the States you should definitely drop by.