Cannon Calls out Wildman and....

After Thomas Wildman Denny won his fight Shannon the Cannon grabbed the mic and challenged the Wildman to a fight and the Wildman grabbed the mic back and accepted.

With KOTC Promoter Terry Treblicock at ringside I spoke to him about this match up and he confirmed that he will set this fight up to take place sometime in 2004.

Unreal, the masses are unbelievably happy.



dude i want to take this time and officially challenge joe son.

This will do at least 100,000 PPV buys easily.

actually i really like shannon. he is a nice guy, but i may as well challenge silva.

I care...should be a pretty interesting fight. I like both guys, not sure who I'd root for. Guess I'd just root for a good fight.

Shannon looked tough last night, mounting his opponent and armbarring him quick.

Wildman already fought? Damn, FFC 7 just passed too.

no disrespect to shannon, but wut the fuck is he calling out thomas for , thomas is on a big winning streak and this is like the 1st fight shannon has won in 15 years, thomas has nothing to gain by fighting him, he would just be another person that walked over the cannon.

chad saunders