Cant blame Kobe for this one, Shaq

Ha ha, you lardass. You can't continuously disrespect the League's Centerpiece, without accepting any blame in the demise of the Dynasty, and NOT expect karma to set in and bite you in the ass. You will never win another Championship without Kobe. [cues the maniacal laughter]

F Shaq!!!!

Oh the shame of losing in 7 to the defending champs with your other star injured as opposed to Kobe's glory in leading his team to a high lottery pick:)

F Shaq

F the Heat

F Wade

Makes you wonder though, Shaq without a superstar to support him in a team hasn't exactly won any rings. What Detroit did to Miami when Wade was sitting out was just painful.

Kobe without Shaq = no rings

Shaq without Kobe = no rings

If Kobe was Miami without Shaq, Mouring would get a lot more minutes, wade, jones and the others would be running and gunning a lot more with Kobe. They would be like the Suns almost yet in the 4th quarter they could still slow it down and use Alonzo in the half court to score, block shots, screen, etc

I don't think there is anyway that Zo would have went back to Miami to play with Kobe.

"Shaq without Kobe = no rings"

Bullshit, they don't need each other.

"Bullshit, they don't need each other."

maybe not to have gay sex but it would appear they do to win championships

Shaq with any 2 guard STAR scorer = at least to the Conference finals.

kanatoa is correct.

F U Floppy!!!!...At least the Rats are leaving your sorry ass team's sinking ship!!..LOL!!

No championships for u ever!!!


Who are the rats?

Mobley and songlia..whatever his f'n name is!