Can't blame the UFC for 151 being cancelled

 i cry about saturation and diluted cards like the rest of them, but you can't pin this catastrophe on the ufc

to begin with, people cry about fighter pay, but when a fighter like jones is getting $$$$ it becomes harder to stack a card

second, even if there was  a decent co-main event or a solid undercard, 99% of the people would have bought tickets to see jones...

if jones dropped out and the co-main event was something like a bisbing/stann or a benevides/mightymouse, people would have been pissed and asked for their money back..all the tickets were already sold, cancelling the event was inevitable...tell me what realistic card could have supported jones backing out of the fight?

lastly, the ufc did everything they could to try to salvage the fight but jones would not play ball...

well you should jones didnt cancel anything

what about machida isn't it his fault too he didn't want to fight. Phone Post

Jones sign a contract to fight Henderson.... Henderson pulled out and did not hold up his end of the contract....

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