can't defend title in 6 mths? forfeit the belt.

Thats the way it should be.
Shogun, Lesnar and now Velasquez holding the belts to ransom with injuries or illness is no good for anyone.

For whatever the reason if you can't defend your belt within six months you lose it and the number one and number 2 contenders fight for it.
when the ex champ is ready he automatically gets first crack at the championship.
this also gives the ex champ a chance at fighting a lesser ranked fighter if he is coming back from injury in the form of a tune up fight.

maybe they will adopt safer training methods if they know they will get stripped if they can't make the defense in time.

Joe bloggs knows jack shit and this is a stupid thread.

 It would be fair.

It hasn't been 3 months for Velasquez...


6 months is too short. But this already happens anyways, it happened to Mir, it happened to Lesnar, 6 months will never happen.

I fucking hate stupid 10ers
in only a few days 11ers will be here. and the 10er name will deminish

besides most fight every 4 to 6 months anyways
thats a dumb idea