Can't get DVD player to play Netflix

I have comcast triple play. Sony DVD was playing Netflix fine for a year via a wireless network. So today I see that the phone wasnt working so I did I did in the past which was to shut down the computer/modem/router. Restart it all up and back in business.

So just turned the DVD player on, scrolled to Netflix and it wont connect. I go to the DVD options and it says everything is wonderful. Connection OK at 4 bars (~90%). Everything looks great and all diagnostics say all is ok. But it matters not what I try to display, Pandora, music channels, youtube, Netflix, etc. nothing connects.

I go upstairs and turn on my new TV with wireless connection to internet. I log it to Netflix and everything is blank under recently watched, recommended, etc. I had the TV reconnect to Netflix and reentered username/password and everything comes back to normal.

Back on the DVD still nothing works. I unplugged it and that still didnt work.


Amazon Instant Video isn't working on mine. WiFi is good. Phone Post 3.0

Have you tried putting it in the microwave? Phone Post 3.0

check your account settings

Netflix had an update where you can only watch on one device unless you update to a higher membership

you might be logged in on your TV and it's reading that as active


you need to update your DVD player software

check online to see if other people are having the same issue

check the manufacturer website for any updates to that model#

A factory reset helped out my tv. Look and see if you can do it on your dvd player. Phone Post 3.0

And today it all works as before. Go figure!