Can't get video card to work

I posted this on the IT forum, but more people read this, and i'm gettin desperate.... so here I am

just built this comp, i have 8xAGP on my motherboard, haven't used it yet. When i first started comp, no video at all, so tried my old PCI card, and it worked fine. I installed the card with the CD, still nothing. The computer doesn't seem to register the card being on it at all. So wondering if I need to do some bios stuff, maybe the AGP isn't working, maybe the cards defective... i have no idea. Any ideas? If I had another AGP card i'd simply test that.

Note: I just updated motherboard drivers, so that shouldn't be the problem.

Shit, I still need help, any ideas??

You might need to change the BIOS setting for primary video input to AGP. Depends on your BIOS tho.

it's an asus k8v se deluxe motherboard.

video card is sapphire radeon 9600 xt.

Checked bios, it is set for AGP as primary video output. Put it on the motherboard, it's like it's not there. No video from it, and windows doesn't recognize it either.

Hell, I don't have any audio right now either, but at least windows knows I have a card on it.

I tell you, building my own comp has been nothing but problems.

Cards busted, RMA it.


Well, I took it to the shop, the cards busted. What does RMA mean???

I did something very stupid... when I was having probs with it, I had the bright idea to peel off the s/n and other stickers on the card. The s/n tore off like halfway, so now i'm not sure if I can return the damn thing.

Anybody know? I still have the s/n on my receipt....

returned merchandise authorization, just means 'send it back' :P

I think you should be fine.