Can't Install HP Printer Software

I just bought a brand new computer with WinXP Pro (SP2) pre-installed.

I'm trying to install my HP Photosmart 7350 printer, and I'm running into the strangest thing ever...

As instructed, I put the CD into the machine, and double-click setup.exe. Nothing happens. Nothing.

I went to HP's Web site and downloaded the software there. Same thing. Click Setup.exe and absolutely nothing happens.

Any clues?

i recall having this problem a long time ago. i think my problem had to do with my anti virus software not allowing me to run setup files, but i'm not sure if you're experiencing the same thing.

instead of using the setup.exe

Go to add printers, etc.,

click have disk

search for the relevant folder, and install from there and forget about the printer bloatware.

Tried that too. Didn't work. So far I've yet to be able to install a single periph. I'm going to give detailed descriptions of each process. If anyone cares to read it and thinks they can help, great.

Palm i705 (USB)

Followed the instructions: Plug cradle into wall w/ no Palm in it, install software, place palm and cradle and sync when instructed by the install. Result: It wouldn't sync. However, I know the computer knew it was there, because the computer beeped when I pressed the sync button. Tried rebooting. Nothing.

250 GB LaCie External Hard Drive (FireWire)

Followed the instructions: Plugged the drive into the wall, turned it on, then plugged it into the computer. Result: Nothing happened. I let it sit for about 20 minutes, just to be sure. Then I figured I'd start the "Add new hardware" wizard to see if that would pick it up. Oddly, it came up saying that it couldn't install new hardware because it was already in the process of installing new hardware. So I cancelled that wizard and waited 45 minutes to see what would happen. Nothing. Rebooted. Nothing.

HP Photosmart 7350 Printer (USB)

Tried installing the softare, and it did nothing when I clicked on Setup.exe. Tried adding a printer, and it searched for about 10 minutes, and never found anything. Tried rebooting, and it still found nothing. Looked in Device Manager, and it showed up as "Other Device" with an exclamation point. Launched "Update Driver", and it couldn't find one on the CD or in the folder of the newest version of the software.

That about sums it up. Any ideas? Is it time to take the machine back to the computer shop to bitch about it? They're supposed to be great about fixing stuff, but I'm hoping to resolve this on my own. I've spent hours getting this machine configured the way I like it, and I don't know if I can afford to miss the work while it sits in their shop for a few days.

Get a Mac.

Turns out the computer was still "sealed". Printer works fine now. Hopefully the rest will too.