Cant order PPV in Canada!!!!!!!!!!

I have Starchoice satellite service and just called to order UFC 63... they are having a problem with their system and PPV is unavailable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I AM SO DAMN PISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

according to the cust service person i talked to, it has been out for 24 hrs, unlikely it will be resolved in the next 2.

i am also in the middle of nowhere on dialup, so i dont even have the option of streaming it.

i guess i will have to stay off this board and download it illegally when i get back to civilization on monday.

damn i am pissed right now

"F*ck is there anything to do up in Canada?"

Here is just one example of the many things to do in Canada

I dont know if that's anything related to Canada, but it is possible that their system was blown up by some anti-Canadian terrorists. It usually take a while before the man in charge realize there's a problem so thaz why it take three days.



they must have dropped their pants to another satellite service to send the feed to their customers... i was just told i will be able to see the fights!!!!!!

btw- for all you american fools that are completely ignorant, not only do we have a large gorgeous country with all the ammenties you have, we also have better beer, women, natural surroundings, politicians, social programs (healthcare), lower cost of living, better per capita income, higher levels of education, and most importantly...

NO George W Bush. you see, the rest of the world doesnt hate us wherever we go!