I tried to get online with my Madden 2005 yesterday. Its a copy, but I got the DNAS error when I was trying to log on. Then it gave me error 420 or some shit. Does anyone know if you can play online with copied PS2 games? Do you have to patch the game a certain way???

There should be some limitation with piracy, looks like online play is it.

(although some games do have cracks for online play, but typically limited to PC games)

Do a search for DNAS ID's....There are a few programs that will let you patch a burnt game with a working ID so you can play online..

join ps2ownz forums, they've got all the little tools and patches.

Error 420? That looks like Sony fucking with you.


Dude I hope they got a patch for Madden2005!!

U know if they do broham?

I just went to the ps2info site on how to patch games... fuuccccck. U got to be einstein to do that shit.

I thought when games were posted on newsgroups,they would have allready patched em? I guess not.

guys lets watch it, your not allowd to post web sites with pirated software.

He didnt bro... no one has posted any website on this thread.

but understood broham

yes, someone did, but i deleted it.

no pirated software. just educational tools to help understand the inner working of data programs

there is no pirated software, tools and patches don't qualify as that.

I never said it was easy, in fact it is a pain in the ass to enable online play, but after a few times doing it, it may be easier.