cant say anything bad about tito!

he showed real class last night he is still my fav fighter

I absolutely do not think he would have done the gravedigger in a fight like this one with Chuck. He only brought that back out for Shammy.

I would also still be willing to be that he would have worn the same exact shirt. Tito is not an idiot and knows there are a TON of new eyes watching now and he would want new fans too, I would assume.

U can't say anything bad because we all know that he trains his ass off and cares about winning. Just a bad match-up for him.

ttt for Tito and his effort and making me a couple of bucks.

Jenna Jameson dumbass

How does a guy who's been a member here for about 3 weeks and probably never had a pro fight in his LIFE - let alone fought guys like Tito has - come on and talk shit about a REAL fighter.

I know I'm old school - but whether you like a guys style or not, any fighter who makes it to the Octagon deserves better !!!!

I think Tito looked very confident in his striking, very relaxed, even after taking a beating, and mixing techniques very well. Chuck took note of the striking too, in the later half of the fight Chuck actually looked more wary of Tito's hands than his shot.

PeteyPete summed it up perfectly. 100% agree

I think Tito's hand's are technical. He is a way better striker than most "wrestlers" that are in the U.F.C.

However, It seems Tito get's way too stiff! And nervous against good stikers. I mean even his shot.

He's shooting in from afar, not timing it well etc.

I know it's easy for me to say, becasue I am not in there with Chuck trying to rip my head off!

But some guy's let their hand's flow so much better, seem more relaxed. He wasn't putting together combo's well either.

Technincally you are suppose to box and bring your hand back into guard position. He seems so coiled and tight with his hands.

Kinda of a good example of flowing and not being too tight was Griffin against Jardine.

Yeah I know Forrest eventaully got tagged, but while he was standing for a while he seemed verry fluid and confident.

btw kying418, I've actually been a member since 1999 :-)

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