Can't share printer over network

I rebuilt my girl's computer & can't remember what I have to do to get the printer on my system to share.

Wireless network on my end, shared printer on my end, connected to the network on her end, but "install a new printer" doesn't see the printer when prompted on her end.

I remember going through this before but don't remember the solution.

XP service pack 2, both sides.


right click on the printer and click share, make sure that printer and file sharing is installed under the nic.

Um, yeah, I did already say "Wireless network on my end, shared printer on my end,"

printer & file sharing is installed on both ends. What else ya got?

are the computers in the same workgroup and stuff? That could be another possibility...

Workgroup was it, thanks.

I named mine something weird a while back to make it less vunerable; hers was a fresh install with of course MSHOME.

no worries.