Can't sleep. Too excited!

I have a test to take tomorrow morning for this job that PJ referred me to. I'm so excited that I can't flippin' sleep. Wish me luck!!

Good luck! Get some rest. Phone Post

own it, take it and annihilate it!

sounds like you're confident and ready! best of luck.

Pregnancy test? Phone Post 3.0

Thanks guys!!! <3 After I get out I'll post an update.

Sinjin - Pregnancy test? Phone Post 3.0

HA!! I'll take any test they want if it means landing a job, bro. :P

Good luck Ms Tortillas. Make that test your bitch.

Eat lightning and crap thunder! Phone Post 3.0

Thanks iA, LMAO!

VU to all :)

Lucky.. Phone Post

do you know what kind of test it will be?

fucking spiders are creepy and badass at the same time!

All the power to you, best of luck!

OMG, that spider!

Not sure what kind of test it is yet. That's probably why I'm so freaked out.

Best of luck man! I'm on the job hunt myself.

Thanks, you guys are so awesome! :)

Ilt go to sleep! Lol Phone Post

Phone Post 3.0


They're going to make you kill somebody.
At least that was the test for my job Phone Post 3.0